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Normally, I only write recipes, but I want to change that. Starting with one of the most common questions I get to hear "Why not meat?".

Ok, maybe not exactly - but you understand what I mean. Why meat is no longer on my table, I explain to you in three short stages. There might also be some compelling reasons for you.


It has crept in for a long time. Slowly but surely I did not like meat anymore. It actually started with the fact that I could no longer see raw meat and above all could smell it. I always have my mother-in-law's to visit or make a whole chicken on other special occasions. The enthusiasm was always great. Only I was less and less pleased. I thought the preparation was just horrible. It was just a dead animal after all.

So it has turned out that at home we simply did not roast any more meat and of course we ate less automatically. My friend was thank heaven, not a big meat tiger. Did we want something meaty we ate out. Like one of my favorite dishes: chicken schnitzel with chips. My God, how did I love that. As a Viennese, this is virtually a staple food. Also cheeseburgers and the like of fast food chains was always on my menu.

Gradually, however, I have noticed that even these dishes do not taste so good. Especially when you bite into cartilage, it's quite a defector - we're honest. So in May 2018 decided to give it up altogether.


I think many are unaware of how unhealthy meat actually is. I honestly had no idea either. Although I have been dealing with nutrition for a long time, I was absolutely convinced that meat is "good". Of course, I've always been aware that livestock is often kept and slaughtered under cruel circumstances. However, there is always a slight over-reliance on the fact that antibiotics and genetically engineered growth hormones are involved. These animals are usually crammed together in confined spaces and pour tons of fear hormones & get additionally genetically modified food.

Quote"In addition, it is known that high consumption of animal proteins not only increases cancer risk but also the risk of developing fatty liver. However, a fatty liver is now considered to be a cause of diabetes, not to mention the chronic liver problems that it can cause. If you replace the daily portion of meat with vegetable sources of protein, the fatty liver forms again. "

After I've made it all so aware, I've found for myself - Meat's NOT. This is also very well addressed in the following two films: Cowspiracy & What the health? - Can I highly recommend you if you want to know more.


I've been recycling for a while, trying to save water, and most of all, I'm making sure that I restrict my plastic consumption. Many do that and think it helps. It does too, please keep it up! But what many do not know - we harm mother nature especially with the consumption of animal products. Especially meat and dairy products need a lot of water during production. But not only that - space is also needed for the mass of animals. So just cut down the rainforest to cover the high meat consumption we humans have.

The Standard writes: "The production of a hamburger is anything but resource-saving: for a serving of this epitome of American food culture it takes 25 kilograms of animal feed, 25 square meters of land and about 220 liters of water."

So if I want to change something, I have to do something. While I do not eat vegan and my friend does not, I do not buy any meat, fish, dairy products (only exception: Parmesan from time to time) or eggs. Only when I travel abroad I eat vegetarian or rarely even pescetarisch. For me, this is one of the easiest and best ways to protect the environment.

Here is a self-explanatory and interesting Graph to "Why no meat?".

Range of food pollution - Copyright: Bartz / Stockmar (License Information). Creative Commons License. This image is under a Creative Commons license.
* Copyright: Bartz / Stockmar (license information). This image is under a Creative Commons license.

Finally, I would like to say that these are my main reasons why no meat is on the table. On top of that comes the cruelty of the animals. Not so cool if you see how the poor creatures are.

Nevertheless, I would like to point out that I do not want to lecture anyone. Everyone has to decide for themselves. Most of my friends are meat eaters as well as my friend. I am rather chilling, it is important to me - think about it! If you have now come to the taste, I have here by the way already one matching shopping list for you.

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