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It is really no secret. I LOVE New York! The second time it has taken me to Big Apple and the same year later. So I had to write an "Everything You Need to Know About NYC" guide. But there is a second part, as the city has so much to offer.

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The skyscrapers, Central Park and the ultra rich à la Gossip Girl are located right in Manhattan. The big island in the middle, surrounded by the Hudson and East River. Highly recommended, especially if you have never been to New York, right in town.

Conveniently live with good location!

The description favorable in New York is really relative to see. It's not a cheap city, but for me it's worth every penny. We first stayed at Airbnb in the Financial District near China Town, Downtown. Was very good price & location, but at Airbnb everything is to be treated with caution. Hygienically that was unfortunately not (despite private bath).

On the second visit I decided to stay for a "hotel". This time in the lower part of Harlem (145th Street). The accommodation was also more like Airbnb (including kitchen etc.), but super clean! The district was still pretty much ridiculed a few years ago. Of that, my girlfriend and I have noticed absolutely nothing. The subway was no 5 minutes away and bars, cafes and delicious restaurants were just around the corner on Amsterdam Avenue.

Can you therefore recommend Harlem and the Financial District to the heart. Not quite so expensive and with the subway (New Yorker do not say Metro, -) you are super fast in the city center. Brooklyn and Williamsburg are certainly cool and cheap to live in, but then you drive a bit more to Manhattan.

Must Sees - Sights worth seeing!

ritaschweigli, new york, flatiron building

An absolutely ingenious building is the 1902 opened Flatiron Building. With a height of 91 meters, it is now a tiny, but the special shape still makes it so special. In the immediate vicinity is the Madison Square Parkthat invites you to chill out, especially in summer. But you can also shop in the area quite well. Anyway, this is an absolute must when in NYC!

For those who want to take pictures with the building - there is a lot going on there! So either you come in very early or you stand up somewhere, then maybe not too many people are up there.

Of course, when it comes to buildings, I do not want to leave out the Empire State Building (front page picture) and the Chrysler Building. Well worth seeing and you should at least on one of the two buildings up and enjoy the view. Ideally, even on both, one by day and the other by night.

ritaschweigli, new york, skylineSKYLINE | BROOKLYN BRIDGE

Gosh, how many times have we not seen pictures of the incredibly impressive skyline in New York? Theoretically you should have had enough. In my case that is absolutely not true. In real, it is even more incredible. To see the skyline properly, there are some nice places. I recommend you the Brooklyn Heights and the Dumbo district in Brooklyn. Is right on the water and you really have a great view. From there you can even take pictures without tourists in the picture.

The picture on the right was taken directly on the Brooklyn Bridge, which you should necessarily cross (from Brooklyn to Manhattan)! Although this is really crowded, but not at all long & the view and the feeling is worth it. I mean - who does not remember the scene from Sex and the City (the movie) where Miranda & Steve meet and hug each other after their breakup? Ok, maybe just me - but the point is - it's free, always traversable and you have a great view.

ritaschweigli, new york

The photo shows part of Greenwich Street, which starts at about the World Trade Center and ends only in the West Village. In the picture you can see the Empire State Building in the background. It's great to see modern and old NYC buildings together.

The most important: go on foot! The subway is tempting and I recommend you too, but only after you've seen a lot. Start in Downtown & Head Uptown. On the first visit, we went 42.000 a thousand steps and had a lot of foot pain in the evening, but I would do it again!

If you want to meet celebrities - it's best to hang in Tribeca from. Although celebrities just take the subway - I have eg. Woody Allen hit - not a cool guy, but still wrong that takes the subway. Just the same is constantly being shot and almost everywhere. We actually stopped by "Set it up" (of course we did not know that back then) and saw Zoey Deutch (the lead actress). So keep your eyes open!

ritaschweigli, new york, audrey hepburn, soho, little italy

Soho houses one of my absolute favorite places in New York - Little Italy, My absolute favorite Italians there: Paesano, Good price and taste the hammer. Unfortunately not vegan, but a lot of vegetarian. The dreamlike picture (right) of Audrey Hepburn can be found in small Italy, as well as many other nice places. A bit further you will find China Town - you just have to see it. There you can theoretically treat yourself to a cheap massage.

In Greenwich Village I stood in front of the famous Carrie Bradshaw home AND the real one of Sarah Jessica Parker. Ok, that was kinda stalker-like hahaha but I just wanted to watch it. If you are synonymous to such hot spots I would recommend the countless film tours, there is usually everything important. The "house" of Friends can also be found in the area.

ritaschweigli, new york, everything you need to know about nyc

Which of course is not missing in the "Everything you need to know about NYC" guide Chelsea! The district where you can visit the Highline and the Meatpacking District. There, the rich and "beautiful" (or operated haha) romp about.

The Chelsea Market should definitely be on your list, there you can go to the toilet for free and enjoy great food. In winter also not a bad place to warm up briefly, there is always a lot to see. Just the decoration makes a lot - in October, the Halloween theme is quite big! Hanging arms, eyeballs and giant spiders are not uncommon.

The Highline is really cool. By the way, how did it happen that an old railway track was converted into a "floating" park? read here. In summer, however, it is definitely more pleasant than in winter. This time it was so windy and uncomfortable, there was only a short stay possible. But do not recommend to drop by one way or the other!

As mentioned in the title and the short description, there is not "everything you need to know about NYC!" I am already working on the second post where I want to focus more on food. But also in the other part I will insert short descriptions to the places and the like. But the focus should clearly be on "food".

I hope you had a lot of fun reading and have taken a bit of something. Anyway, I'm glad you were there. You are welcome to comment on any questions or requests, I can then, for example, in the next post install.

Until the next part of "Everything you need to know about NYC" ????


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